Victory for the USA!!


I have sat on this word for quite a while and pondering it with the Lord and really praying it through. I am releasing this word now as it has been stirring strongly in my spirit for a while and I feel the Lord wants to bring encouragement to His people amidst all the turbulence happening right now in the USA.

As I was spending time with the Lord recently the ‘turbulence’ happening in the spirit and in the natural over the USA right now, and the burden I have been carrying in my heart because of all I am seeing going on in the nation and the Church came flooding back to me again.

As I lay there in worship I had such an incredible sense of the invitation from the heart of God to be AGREEING with what He is declaring. The atmosphere all around me felt electric and pregnant with the invitation to partner with the Lord in declaring VICTORY over the USA right now more than ever. The sense surrounded me of the incredible war in the spirit that is taking place and the enemy is not happy and doing all he can to pervert, to steal, kill and destroy all in an attempt to foil what God is declaring and inviting His people to declare right now and see manifested… VICTORY!

I have spent a while sitting on what I heard and saw in that time with the Lord and have been in deep intercession for the beautiful nation of America and for God’s people in the nation.

As I was praying about what I heard and saw in that time, days later, I heard the words “People of the United States of America, AGREE with Me as I am now “BUILDING AN UNDERCURRENT OF VICTORY!!!!”

The word “UNDERCURRENT” was highlighted so clearly to me, so I looked at the dictionary definition of the word UNDERCURRENT:

UNDERCURRENT: 1. an underlying feeling or influence, especially one that is contrary to the prevailing atmosphere and is not expressed openly. 2. a current of water below the surface and moving in a different direction from any surface current. (

Do not be swayed, deceived or distracted by “current atmosphere’s” or the atmospheres that feel like they are “prevailing”, God is doing things BELOW THE SURFACE. God is setting things up, He is moving, He is orchestrating things and YOUR PRAYERS AND AGREEMENT with what He is doing is POWERFUL.

His Spirit is like that current of water below the surface that is bubbling and building momentum to move things in a different direction to what is being SEEN on the SURFACE. A definite demonstration of Zechariah 4:6: So he said to me, This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.

This is why it is IMPERATIVE that the people of God have eyes to see and ears to hear in this season, because what is happening in the ‘natural’ is NOT THE TRUE REALITY. What HE is doing in the Spirit, what HE is doing below the surface, what HE is saying, THAT is REALITY and the people of God MUST be positioned as an ECHO of what He is SAYING over the UNITED STATES right now! A partnering with what the Spirit is saying is crucial. I believe He is decreeing LIFE and VICTORY! He wants LIFE and He wants VICTORY! He wants FREEDOM! He wants HEALING and RESTORATION for the United States of America! He wants to USHER IN a move of His Spirit in this nation that has NEVER been seen before. He wants LIFE and not death!

As I sat taking all this to the Lord, I saw HOSTS AND HOSTS of ANGELS being sent into the United States but they were going in “stealth”. They were “under the radar” and the Lord positioning them in STRATEGIC TRIGGER POINTS across the nation. They were sent with a specific purpose and assignment and they had landed and were stationed and waiting for the Lord’s command to “ACTIVATE” that which He was planning and releasing. The sense surrounded me that the Lord has VICTORY UP HIS SLEEVE! Just when the enemy thought he had won, and brought chaos, death and destruction to the nation, God will release the COMMAND to these angelic hosts and STRATEGIC TRIGGER POINTS will be activated and the DOMINO EFFECT OF VICTORY will take place. What He has been planning and strategising behind the scenes will MANIFEST.

Where man is attempting to pull the “current” in a certain direction, the Lord is building and increasing the DIVINE UNDERCURRENT to RELEASE VICTORY, but we MUST intercede and AGREE with HIS VICTORY!

– Lana Vawser

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