Turning sour into sweet!

The Lord spoke to me recently and I felt Him say that He is turning the SOUR things of the season into SWEET right now!

I had a vision where I saw the people of God entering deeper into the waters of His Spirit. Sitting before Him and rivers and waterfalls of refreshing pouring over them. Souls were being deeply refreshed, hearts were being brought back to life. The long “weighty wait” was being lifted off in His presence and turned around. In the “waiting before Him”, the place of deeper rest, He was leading His people into deeper encounters with the WEIGHT OF HIS GLORY! Shekinah Glory!!!!

As I’m watching God’s people who are going deeper into the waters of His Spirit, I see them splashing around in the water, in the rest, having fun and laughing with Jesus! While they are simply enjoying being with Him, I notice that His living waters were beginning to flow with power and force into every area of their hearts, souls and lives (circumstances) where there has been anything SOUR.

In their YES of delighting and inviting Him, there was a great FLUSHING OUT taking place and the very SOUREST of places were turning to the SWEETEST of places by His Spirit.

A miraculous turnaround by His goodness and love! The redemptive, healing, powerful, beautiful hand of Jesus, turning bitter and sour into sweet!!! Hearts were being healed and changed. Circumstances turning so sweet! Lives being filled with the greater sweetness of heaven! His love and nature changing everything from a simple positioning of YES in the inviting and delighting in Him!!!

It’s happening right now! Rest! Let Him lead you deeper into His rest and watch the sour turn to sweet as you invite Him in!!!

The sweetest of testimonies and the sweetest of breakthroughs are breaking through in your life right now from the very places that look like they have become sourest. He is dealing with it all, from hearts to circumstances!

Just say “YES” to living in delight of Him!

“Drink deeply of the kindness of this God. Experience for yourself the mercies He gives to all who turn to hide themselves in Him. Worship in awe and wonder, all you who’ve been made holy!” – Psalm 34:8-9 – The Passion Translation

– Lana Vawser

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