Trump treading upon snakes!!

Recently I felt the Lord saying “I have been using Trump to SHAKE, and now I will use him to TREAD UPON SNAKES!!!” 

A vision played out before me where I saw the Lord crowning Trump with wisdom and discernment, with an incredible ability in increased ways to see the “snakes” of deception, the snakes of “evil” and the snakes of “lies” and “traps” the enemy has set up to attempt to hinder the move of God in the nation. 

This incredibly strong sense surrounded me of the eyes of God’s people must be upon JESUS. I then heard the words “Do not put your eyes on Trump as the Saviour of the nation, but listen to the voice behind him and the One who is using him. Look to Me!!!!!”

I watched as the Lord began working even deeper in Trump’s heart to bring about a greater awakening to his need of Jesus and the necessity for wisdom and discernment from on high. I had a vision where I saw Trump on his knees and he was looking out of a window and he was crying out to the Lord for wisdom, discernment and the healing/restoration of the nation. Through various avenues and situations I watched the Holy Spirit working in Donald Trump to develop a heart in him like David. A man who seeks after the heart of God. The Lord was building greater strength and dependence upon Him in Trump, increase insight and blossoming humility and surrender in beautiful ways. The work of the Holy Spirit IN Trump and THROUGH Trump was beautiful. The hand of the Lord was clearly moving. 

As this work of the Holy Spirit was taking place, I saw Trump eyeballing some of the darkest places in the United States, areas where the enemy had done so much destruction, so much division and deception. He began to move forward in this vision into these areas, and he wasn’t “REACTING” to “SNAKES”, Donald Trump was LOOKING for them. He wasn’t moving out looking for them to cause a stir, but with a heart beaming with love for the United States of America and to see her restored and healed. As he moved into these areas through various avenues, I saw snakes coming at him in all directions, and I saw another group of snakes causing destruction and evil in the United States. In both groups, I watched as Trump moved forward and even though much was coming at him, he was unharmed and untouched and tread upon these snakes heads and crushed them. He then moved into the areas where the snakes were causing such evil, such destruction and had been there such a long time, and he stepped upon them, in some instances the snakes didn’t even see him coming, and he crushed their heads. As these snakes were DYING and being UNCOVERED I watched VENOM flying around everywhere and I heard the Lord say “Do not be perturbed by the venom, look at it as a sign of the great uncovering, weeding out and removal of these snakes in the nation.”

I then watched as every time Trump stepped upon the head of these snakes, I heard the Lord say “VICTORY!!!”, “VICTORY!!!!”, “VICTORY!!!”. 

I saw a HUGE thunderstorm in the spirit as this was taking place, HUGE turbulence in the natural, yet a HUGE thunderstorm in the Spirit and I then heard the words…

“Who can stand against My VICTORY and My POWER. Who holds ALL authority in heaven and on earth? Who placed the stars in the sky and formed the heavens and the earth? What man can stand against My plans? What enemy can stand against what I am bringing forth? VICTORY WILL TRIUMPH in THE UNITED STATES! VICTORY WILL TRIUMPH IN THE UNITED STATES!!!! My People, now is the time to AGREE and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!!”

The sense surrounded me of the beautiful SOVEREIGNTY of Jesus, yet the deep INVITATION and AWAKENING happening for the body of Christ in the United States and across the world as they partner with what God is doing in the nation. 

As these snakes were crushed, destroyed and removed I heard the words “NO MORE BANDAIDS IN THE NATION” and I saw where these snakes had been and taken root, I watched the ground start to break open and the beautiful HONEY OF HEAVEN was filling the nation – going TO the heart and spreading out. Deep, deep healing and life was springing up everywhere. 

I then heard a loud voice in the Spirit decreeing Isaiah 43:19:

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

The Lord is doing a new thing!!!!! What God is doing and about to reveal is going to cause God’s people to BEHOLD! To STAND IN AWE, of JESUS!!!!!!!

Put your hope, trust and eyes on Jesus!!!! I believe the Lord has given Donald Trump a very specific assignment in this season, and the United States of America is moving into a time where yes, the enemy is raging and pulling out all stops to hinder what God is doing, but it is a time where healing, restoration, refreshing, abundance, greater freedom and breakthrough is being released into the nation of the United States.

It is CRUCIAL right now to be interceding for Donald Trump and the assignment of victory for the nation of the United States that the Lord has given him. That God’s people are to join together and DECREE this into being in JESUS name. 

“It’s time for the SNAKES to be ROOTED OUT and LIFE, UNITY, HEALING and FREEDOM to manifest. BEHOLD, I am doing a NEW THING…. Do you not perceive it? It has ALREADY BEGUN!!!”

– Lana Vawser

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