The tide is turning on torment

The tide is turning on torment and things that “won’t relent”..

The Lord has been showing me the past few days about the battle many of His children are facing with issues in life, circumstances, health issues, and opposition that is bringing ‘torment’ and ‘won’t relent’.

Instantly I heard the Lord say “The tide is turning on torment and things that won’t relent, and HERE I AM AS THE HOUND OF HEAVEN, AS THE ONE WHO WON’T RELENT to bring DELIVERANCE, HEALING and FREEDOM to My people. I am coming now and I won’t RELENT to bring a shift and a turning of the tide for My people. I am extracting the roots of torment, I am extracting the roots of the things that won’t relent through My power and in their place will be portals of encounter, new deep invitations into experiencing the power of My delivering, healing, freeing hand. Where these situations, oppositions, issues have been relentless, I am bringing a turning and you My people shall know the UNRELENTING LOVE of My heart to set you free.”

Where there has been torment and unrelenting pain and circumstances in significant proportions, I am coming to release DOUBLE UPON DOUBLE breakthrough, favour, increase, healing. EXPONENTIAL RESTORATION and RECOMPENSE is FLOODING into your life. The tide IS TURNING in YOUR favour!!! Where there have been chains to keep you hindered, hold you down and bring torment upon you My people, I am bringing the turning that will release JOY and anointing to set others free in My name.”

Jesus is interceding for you!

The tipping point against these ‘tormenting unrelentless’ issues has been met.. BREAKTHROUGH!

Watch and see the unrelentless LOVING One who is COMMITTED to your breakthrough move in acceleration and limitless power.

– Lana Vawser

This is an excerpt from Lana Vawser’s website. Click here to read more.

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