The camels are coming!!!

Over the past few weeks the Lord has really been highlighting “camels” to me. I first came across the “divine highlight” in Isaiah 60:6 “Herds of camels will cover your land, young camels of Midian and Ephah and all from Sheba will come bearing incense and gold and proclaiming the praise of the Lord.” Since then I have been seeing them everywhere and recently a hotel we stayed in our room was 606!! The Lord is speaking!

I have been pondering this word for a few weeks and really wanting to hear the heart of the Lord. I was told Chuck Pierce had a word a number of years ago about “The CAMELS coming”.

So I wondered why I was hearing it now and seeing them everywhere. As I sat with the Lord on this I felt the Lord saying that “THE CAMELS ARE COMING WITH INCREASE” and I saw them coming carrying a DOUBLE PORTION. They were coming to bring provision, help and blessing. What these CAMELS are bringing are the finest, most excellent provisions of heaven that we have ever seen as the body of Christ. The manifestation of this abundant provision will manifest in MANY ways, not just materially throughout the body of Christ.

The Lord also highlighted Isaiah 60:5 to me “Then you will be radiant, and your heart will thrill and rejoice; because of the abundance of the sea will be turned to you, the wealth of the nations will come to you”

There is a turning of provision, abundance and wealth of the nations that will be handed to the Church, to extend the Kingdom of God upon the earth. To help the poor, the care for the widows and orphans, to see greater extension and generosity/provision flow FROM the Church. I felt this tremendous shift in the area of finances and provision in the body of Christ. The Lord is highlighting stewardship in this season and teaching us in greater ways how to steward what He has given to us in every area of life. He’s looking for excellence, purity and integrity in our stewardship. As we continue to remain teachable, moving in integrity, humility, character and surrendered, He is about to add more, bring greater increase not just financially, but in many areas. Where there has been “lack upon lack”, these CAMELS COMING are declaring “ABUNDANT PROVISION for EVERY GOD BREATHED VISION”.


The Lord showed me that in the CAMELS coming, the increase and abundance of provision, wealth and help, that there will be MAJOR impact on the nations.

God’s heart is always for the nations, but in the last few years and especially this season, I have felt His yearning for the nations more than ever. Right now, there is greater fear and upheaval in many nations, but the Lord spoke to me recently that He is doing a great rearranging and reshuffling in the nations. He is moving things in a way that we do not expect but it releasing a DOMINO EFFECT amongst the nations. Breakthrough, upon breakthrough upon breakthrough and the CAMELS coming in are bringing the provision so the Church can take her place to serve, influence and lead in nations in ways we have never seen. God is bringing the help, the tools, the provision so when the “call comes” we step in with THE GREATEST ANSWER – JESUS!!!!! and physical provision to bless, extend and assist.

Not only is God about to add the provision and resources needed to extend His vision that He has placed in the hearts of His people that they have been carrying in their hearts through the fire and desert, and it has been tested and tried over and over, the provision will be greater than has ever been imagined. (Ephesians 3:20)


The abundance that is coming in is going to require a greater level of dependence upon Jesus, surrender to Him and sensitivity to what He is saying. There will be a need for wisdom and discernment like never before, but DO NOT FEAR! He is releasing grace and He will give wisdom to those who ask (James 1:5) to know how to steward this greater increase, provision and abundance.

Many of you will be catapulted into a new realm of influence in the physical area of finances and abundance, others doors are about to open that will place you in positions of influence, others of you – your voice is about to get louder, others of you will be given ABUNDANT provision to start organisations and centres to help the homeless, to feed the poor and care for orphans. In the midst of the influence of the Church increasing, I felt such a strong message from the Lord that the enemy will come in and attempt to disqualify and say to many “You don’t have the abundance they have” or “You don’t have the position they have”, or “You are not as gifted as that person” – amongst those lies and that noise, I heard the Lord speak louder above it all “ALL ARE QUALIFIED AND INFLUENCERS BECAUSE YOU LIVE IN ME”. God is awakening His people to the truth that we are POWERFUL in Him! All of our influence looks different, but YOU are called to GO and change the atmospheres and bring the love, truth and hope of Jesus EVERYWHERE you go. You are having impact and influence for Jesus EVERYWHERE. Trust Him that where He positions you and the sphere of influence He has given you and increases to you in this season is A PERFECT FIT for you! Do not try and be someone else or move in what someone else has. The world needs YOU and Jesus IN YOU!!! His plans for you are beyond your wildest dreams (Ephesians 3:20, 1 Corinthians 2:9)


The Lord began to speak to me about many being in a season of wilderness, and many have felt like they have been in the desert and they have been living upon their “stored up revelation and history” with the Lord. Many feeling like they have almost been in a season of WANDERING and WONDERING what’s going on. I felt the Lord wanting to encourage you that He has been building endurance, strength and character in you in the desert, in that wilderness place and you are coming out with a greater CAPACITY to carry greater revelation of Him and His Word, greater mantles that have been birthed in that deep difficult place where you are constantly pushed and pressed and find that deeper place in Him in the midst of pain.

In the desert and wilderness where you have learnt to store and carry what the Lord has given you and press in for MORE amongst adverse conditions, the Lord is bringing you out of the desert and you will be WATER POURERS for others. What you have gleaned and carried in the desert places is about to be ignited and flow out of you. His living water is about to flood out of you. There is a great birthing upon the Church right now. I saw this pure, BIBLICALLY based revelation that has been found in Jesus in the desert flooding out in conversations, in books, in teaching, in songs, in cd’s, in writings, in sermon series, in prayer gatherings bringing incredible healing, salvation and deliverance. Freedom is about to explode in proportions across the world like we have never seen. Get ready to hear more and more crazy, amazing, wild testimonies of the power, healing and love of Jesus and how He saves, delivers and sets free.

Where the enemy has attempted in many ways to “stop His flow” through you, He is declaring over you that you will be a PURE FLOW AS YOU CONTINUE TO LIVE LOW.

The CAMELS ARE COMING!!! There is ANOTHER game hanger moment upon us!!! What these “CAMELS” are carrying to you from the Lord WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING!!! A shift in gears, a whole new realm of provision, a new level of manifestation of His goodness and kindness, the help of God that you cannot even envision.

I know many have been seeing CAMELS everywhere, but just because God is fun and He wants to confirm His Word to you in fun, creative ways, the testimony out of many of your mouths will be “Look, there again! CAMELS continue to appear EVERYWHERE” and when you see them, know He is smiling at you and the provision is upon you!

– Lana Vawser

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