Plunder! Plunder! Plunder!


This morning I had a vision where I saw the enemy and his army decreeing war over many of God’s people. There was a fierceness and rage that was in his eyes as he was angry and scared of what God is doing and about to do.

I could see the enemy and his army on one side decreeing war and in front of him I could see many of God’s people. As I looked at God’s people, I could see them as people, but I could also see them as KEYS. The sense surrounded me that this ‘decree of war’ over these ones was taking place because they were strategic for a great UNLOCKING that the Lord is about to bring forth through what He is doing in and through them. There is going to be a strategic strategy, revelation and insight that the Lord will release through them that is going to make significant breakthroughs and pathways into the mighty move of His Spirit and Glory that we are about to move into.

The enemy was charging at God’s people and causing a real resistance and push back. I watched as the enemy continued to push and push, the pressure increased and increased leaving many feeling like they couldn’t stand for much longer.

The sense surrounded me that the point of “STAND OFF” had been met. HEAD to HEAD!!!

It was then that I saw Him! The Lion of Judah! In the midst of His people there He was. Poised, and ready to roar. He opened His mouth and let out a roar of authority that would crumble mountains. As He roared the word “PLUNDER, PLUNDER, PLUNDER” was being declared loudly. I was thinking it was interesting that the Lord was decreeing plunder, as only a few days before I had an encounter where I saw the enemy decreeing “PLUNDER” over God’s people. As soon as I thought that the Lord spoke to me “THE DIVINE TURNING IS TAKING PLACE! The schemes, assaults and plans of the enemy are being turned against him, they are being turned on their head, and the very confusion that He has attempted to bring into My army, is being sent back to him bringing a confusion to his camp.

God’s people are about to TAKE BACK what the enemy has stolen. I felt the Lord saying to me that a divine PLUNDERING of the enemy and his schemes is about to take place as the people of God have deeper encounters with Jesus, seeing Him as the Lion of Judah.

There is a DIVINE FINALITY that is being released right now in the ROAR of God. This DIVINE FINALITY was being released with an “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” declaration. The very areas that the enemy has continued to hit, the cyclical attacks, the areas he continues to bring vicious assault on time after time after time is about to be BROKEN. The enemy is about to lose his ground, and as the breakthrough and divine finality manifests, the enemy may come back and try and bring the same havoc he has been causing for a long time, but NOW IT WILL HAVE NO EFFECT!!!

Many of you are facing this vicious assault lately, again I say to you STAND FIRM. WORSHIP your way through!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only did I see confusion sent into the enemy’s camp as the Lord ROARED, but as God’s people worshiped it RAINED! It rained refreshment, strength, joy and awakening over them. Rains of increase were pouring down and the enemy shrieked and screamed as he watched not only his ground being lost, but major increase and multiplication being added to God’s people. Many have faced a major assault of the mind, (lies, feelings of “Am I going crazy?”, confusion, unusual fogginess and unusual lack of concentration) stand firm and fill your mind with the Word of God and take your thoughts and these fiery darts captive, for you are about to move into a realm of divine wisdom and insight and that’s why the enemy is targeting your mind so hard lately.

You may feel like you have met the “STAND OFF” moment and a real sense of WAR all around.. well it really IS WAR! The enemy is angry and he’s scared… but YOU already have the victory in Jesus! Keep standing in your authority in Christ, the pressure may be on and things heating up, but YOU are STRATEGIC and what you carry is about to not only be activated to release a greater UNLOCKING of breakthrough and blessing into your life but THROUGH YOU into the body of Christ. You are about to move into some glorious divine changes!


– Lana Vawser

This post is very important! Paul warned us that we need to take unto ourselves our spiritual weapons of warfare so that we can stand firm when the enemy attacks us. Please read the post below so that you can be updated on what Paul really meant when he warned us about this: Most effective spiritual warfare strategy ever!

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