Pioneers and Forerunners!!


Hi Friends, I wasn’t going to release this word today, but it has been burning in me today strongly, so I am releasing it. I pray it blesses you PIONEERS and FORERUNNERS!!!

I have had a word burning in me for a little while for the Pioneers and Forerunners. The Lord showed me that this is a season where there will be DOORS, DOORS and MORE DOORS opening to the Pioneers and the Forerunners.

Where there has been the past season of the PIONEERS and FORERUNNERS attempting to “maintain” ground and “stay alive” in the Pioneering and Forerunning, that now the season has shifted. The DAWN has been awakened over these ones, to move into a season of OPPORTUNITY like they have never known before.

There would be significant favour, there would be winds of acceleration that will continue to increase in velocity. There will be an extension of influence, provision and resource in this season that will move them into a place of greater ease in the anointing and manifestation of the vision the Lord had given them.

This season will see DOORS, DOORS, DOORS opening for the Pioneers and Forerunners. The feeling of JOY will bubble up from within with the heart cry “JESUS! Praise YOU! This is the season I have been waiting and contending for!!!”

I had a vision where I saw Jesus rejoicing with the Forerunners and Pioneers. Tears streamed from His eyes, down His face as He watched the JOY filling their hearts at the manifestation of the NEW DAY that was breaking forth. Not only was the momentum of manifestation increasing with His promises of destiny over their lives bursting forth, but the atmosphere was PREGNANT with EXPECTATION and HOPE for the future. Many of these PIONEERS and FORERUNNERS had been living in hopelessness and feeling HOPEFUL for the future was something that had become foreign in this past season, but now EVERYTHING was changing. The seeds of faith and praise they had sowed into their relationship with Jesus in the darkness and maintaining of “ground” to “stay alive” and keep their HOPE in JESUS ALONE, was now reaping a BOUNTIFUL HARVEST.

All the doors that were opening all around them was FILLING the atmosphere with MORE HOPE in the plans God had for them (Jeremiah 29:11) than EVER.

In the midst of the JOY, in the midst of all the COUNTLESS OPPORTUNITIES, in the MIDST of the UNPRECEDENTED BREAKTHROUGH, I felt the heart of the Lord bringing forth a warning.

Be AWARE of where I am leading in this season of DOORS, DOORS, DOORS!!!”

The sense surrounded me that FAVOUR would open MANY DOORS, all looked GOOD, but all were not GOD!

I felt the weight of His warning and invitation to really be pressing in and crying out that He would INCREASE SENSITIVITY to where He was leading. That He would give His PIONEERS and FORERUNNERS an INCREASE of SIGHT and CLARITY, and EARS TO HEAR, what He was speaking and where He was leading.

I then saw the Lord encourage them “In this season of DOORS, DOORS, DOORS, many that I will lead you through may be ones that you did not expect, or others may think you are crazy for not walking through them, but it is the UNEXPECTED DOORS that are going to lead you to the place of PROMISE, DESTINY, ABUNDANCE and INCREASE, because MY HAND is upon it!!!

The joy and excitement of this season can send you into a WHIRLWIND and cause you to RUSH through doors I am leading you into, so continue to REST and TEST EVERY DOOR that opens before you.

This IS your destiny season PIONEERS AND FORERUNNERS!!!!! The manifestation of destiny over your life is exploding, but you must be aware of where I am leading.”

There was no FEAR in missing it with open hearts to move only where He is leading. With the open, yielded heart, He was going to make His way CRYSTAL CLEAR!!!

The season of OPPORTUNITY and DOORS upon the Pioneers and Forerunners is exciting, glorious and so full of adventure. The miracles that will be seen in this season will leave you in AWE!

There is increased grace for the new space, ease in the transition and vision for the new missions and lands. He is navigating it all, He is releasing the blueprints and strategies that may seem completely opposite to what is “expected”, but it will lead you to the land that FAR SURPASSES ALL your EXPECTATIONS! (Ephesians 3:20)

– Lana Vawser

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