Overnight opportunities


The Lord has been speaking to me a lot about this season of acceleration and suddenlies and recently spoke to me and said “Lana this is the season as My people press in will go to bed one night and wake up the next morning and EVERYTHING is different.”

Today as I sat with the Lord He reminded me of this and I kept hearing the words “OVERNIGHT OPPORTUNITIES!!!!”.

Do not lose your hope! Do not lose your faith in His promises for the Lord is releasing OVERNIGHT OPPORTUNITIES that will change EVERYTHING!!!!

One encounter with Him, one email, one network, one phone call, one open door, one miracle, one meeting, one dream, one vision…. will change EVERYTHING!!!! Whatever VEHICLE it comes in, overnight life changing opportunities are coming to God’s people from the ONE who is all powerful!

As I saw these OVERNIGHT OPPORTUNITIES being released I saw in the heart of every opportunity was the word CATAPULT! These overnight opportunities are not only going to see a complete change and turnaround, your life will be filled with first-fruits and radical increase in breakthrough all around you. These overnight opportunities are releasing the divine domino effect of breakthrough, open doors, favor and provision.

I decree over you today as you go deeper into His heart, He is releasing overnight opportunities into your life that will see your look one way when you go to bed one night, and you wake up the next morning and life looks completely different as the sounds of life, provision, breakthrough, favor and increase explode all around.


I saw encounters with Jesus happening all across the body of Christ at a deep, deep level. I watched in this vision as I saw Jesus peeling back walls of hardness of heart, numbness from woundings and disappointments, healing past hearts, healing and breaking fears of stepping out, vulnerability and doubt. He is breaking down the walls with His love to expose the heart. To bring healing to the hearts of His people. Any hardness of heart is melting away and He is leading us into a deeper level of sensitivity and openness to His Spirit. Get ready for your 5 senses to be heightened to His leading and hearing His voice as you press into intimacy with Him.

As I watched the Lord increasing this sensitivity and awareness, I heard a warning in the Spirit to ‘guard the sensitivity’ that He is bringing you into by watching very carefully what you allow into your heart. What you allow your eyes to see, what you allow your ears to hear, what you allow to fill your mind.

Then recently as I was waking from a dream I heard the song playing in my head “Be careful little eyes what you see… Be careful little eyes what you see…”

He is taking the prophetic to a whole new level in this season and it must be stewarded with purity. Get ready for great increase in your sensitivity! Ask Him for more!!! A new adventure is upon you for hearing the heart of your Father and following His leading.

– Lana Vawser

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