My presence will heal you!

I heard a cry in many of the hearts and souls of God’s people for wisdom and answers in seeing healing come and manifestation of recompense and restoration in their lives in the area where the enemy has hit hard.

I saw many of God’s people so tired and a sense of “I have prayed every prayer I know to pray”, “I have believed every Word and prophetic word given to me!”, “I have worshiped and obeyed but I still remain the same! What is the key to my healing from these wounds I have received from the onslaught I have been facing from the fiery darts of the enemy?”

Such cries of despair, confusion and desperation of not knowing what to do anymore, these have reached the heart of the Father, He has heard your prayers. I felt the heart of the Father today and I saw Him looking at those crying out with such deep love, knowing and affection and He spoke with such love “MY PRESENCE WILL HEAL YOU!!!!”.

Instantly the sense surrounded me, the place of simply delighting and resting in His presence that there was going to be a move of His Spirit to bring radical HEALING to them in an instant. The beautiful, incredible, unfathomable love of a good, good Father bringing healing and restoration to His people.

Just like the Lord in His goodness, not only was He bringing complete healing and restoration, out of encounters with Him in His presence, the people of God weren’t just moving out healed and restored but BETTER and with MORE than they have EVER HAD BEFORE!!!!


I saw the Lord also mending ‘heart connections’. Areas where the battle has caused a major hindering to heart connections between them and Jesus, and between one another, through the simple positioning before Him to just delight in Him, He was supernaturally restoring these ‘heart connections of intimacy’ and they were not only being restored but to a DEEPER DEPTH than they EVER have been before.

Beloved, REST!!!!!! I break off you the anxiety and the confusion of trying to figure out “what to do” or “the right words to pray” to see your healing manifest. I release over you today, a new level of encounter with the heart of God, with your GOOD, GOOD FATHER where you will see His presence bring HEALING to you suddenly. In His presence you will see healing and restoration and great transformation. You cannot be in His presence and see His Glory and not be changed. This IS your day of change, and this IS your day where IN HIS PRESENCE you will experience the FULLNESS OF JOY!!!!

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” (Psalm 16:11)

– Lana Vawser

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