Miracles in marriages!!!


Recently I saw huge MOUNTAINS that were rising up in marriages, unresolved issues, communication blocks, hurt, pain, grief amongst many other issues were springing up. I saw the enemy coming into these areas, finding these mountains and attempting to ‘accelerate division’. There is much dross coming to the surfaces in marriages right now, because God is doing MAJOR HEALING in marriages. The enemy also knows this, and is coming into these areas to attempt to bring a great divide.

I had a vision where I saw Jesus standing before these mountains and He spoke “Now is not the time to withdraw, now is not the time to hide or run, now is the time to STAND. I am performing MIRACLES in marriages.”

I saw a powerful move of the Spirit of God moving in hearts bringing about radical, supernatural transformation. Where the enemy has attempted to bring about an “acceleration of division”, the Lord is bringing an “ACCELERATION of DEEPER UNION.”

In this vision, I saw Jesus speak again and He said “USE YOUR TOOLS.” The sense surrounded me that the Lord was encouraging His people to continue to use the TOOLS He had given them in the Word (honor, love, prayer, etc) and other TOOLS He was highlighting, whether it was counselling, prayer ministry etc. I watched as the people of God battling for their marriages continued to “USE THE TOOLS” that the Lord had given them, the WIND of His Spirit was INCREASING and ORCHESTRATING. I watched the wind of the Spirit blowing “in the background” and “under the surface”. Even if nothing is being seen in the natural yet, the sense was so strong, God is MOVING.

I then saw MAJOR miracles taking place, MAJOR testimonies being birthed. Marriages that many were at the point of being given up on and a way through couldn’t be seen, I saw the Spirit of God bringing radical healing and restoration. I saw couples that were at ‘breaking point’ meeting their TURNING POINT and a radical transformation and MIRACLE taking place. Their stories and testimonies then being used to minister to, help, encourage and bring healing to many others.

I felt the Lord saying MANY are standing and contending for their marriage, but have been feeling discouraged, hopeless and despair is entering, but I felt the Lord say “HOLD ON, KEEP STANDING, IT’S NOT OVER. I AM THE GOD OF THE IMPOSSIBLE! I am BREATHING LIFE back into DRY and DYING MARRIAGES!!!! The winds of RESURRECTION POWER are BLOWING AND LANDING!!!!”

– Lana Vawser

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