Keys Of Victory!


Many have been in an incredibly intense spiritual battle lately. There is a shifting and lifting taking place! There will be a very significant display of the winds of VICTORY, that will not only bring breakthrough and relief but clarity given to you as to how many KEYS have been given to you as you have been in battle. 

Many of you are coming out of the battle with an ABUNDANCE of keys of strategy that you are ABOUT TO SEE and use to set others free by His breaker anointing of victory!

I had a vision and saw many of you carrying BASKETS and BOUQUETS of KEYS of strategy and revelation that will also unlock all the enemy has stolen and see you released forth in sudden acceleration into the new ground and territory the Lord has for you. 

The battle has caged many of you in a place of not being able to “dream big”. That is shifting and lifting! He has been healing your hearts of disappointments and He is breathing in LIFE again to HOPE and DREAM.  Those chains of OLD are breaking off and you are being given new shoes of victory to ZOOM by His Spirit further than before. 

There is a wave crashing in on you now, His wave of a significant fulfillment of dreams in your life. You are about to see WHY the enemy has been fighting you so hard. 

God is calling you up HIGHER, to not settle for second best, but to dream BIGGER than you have ever dreamed and see MIRACLES MANIFEST within them.

– Lana Vawser

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