It’s time to overtake!


Today I have been feeling that same ‘swirling’ in the spirit where many are wanting to ‘run and hide’ from the onslaught and push back they have been facing.

In the midst of this ‘swirling’ struggle many were feeling, I was reminded of Elijah running from his life from Jezebel, running in fear. As this sense is swirling around me, I see Him, beautiful Jesus and He is standing before His people as they are ‘wanting to run’ and ‘starting to run’ and with such authority and love He puts His hand out in front of them to bring them to stop and He speaks “I CALL YOU BRAVE AND I RELEASE TO YOU A GRACE UPGRADE! HERE IS THE GREAT GRACE OVERTAKE!”

He stood before them and repeated that decree over and over. As He did I watched a deep awakening taking place in their heart and soul as His Words of truth and love filled their hearts and soul and drowned out and healed the intense desire of run and being completely overwhelmed by the pressure, opposition and fiery darts. The overwhelming pressure sent by the enemy was being drowned out and being replaced by the overwhelming PEACE, JOY and BRAVERY found in His presence and who Jesus is.

As I looked closer in this vision I noticed that the people of God had been ‘stopped by Jesus’ and a moment of encounter where He had divinely interrupted their fear with His love, and they were standing at a FORK IN THE ROAD.

I then heard the Lord say that this is a DECISIVE MOMENT. That the intensity has continued to increase, the pressure has continued to compound, the fiery darts feel like they are all around, but now is the time to DECIDE whether to STAND and KEEP STANDING (Ephesians 6:13) and stand in the truth that HE calls them brave, or to run and hide in a cave. The Lord began sharing His heart with them that if they push through this, and not retreat, that they are to GET READY for a new level of the most glorious manifestation of His grace that is about to overtake all the impossibilities and mountains before them. I could feel His joy in the atmosphere. Not joy that His people had been hit so hard, but He could SEE the JOY COMING! He could see the GLORIOUS breakthrough on the other side of this opposition and few months of intensity and insanity. I could hear His beautiful heart “Just hold on a little longer, don’t give up, just keep standing a little longer, YOU ARE MOVING INTO THE NEW!!!”

Such compassion flowed from His heart as He understood the painful processes, He understood the long wait, He understood the weariness and He was bringing a strengthening and a healing, and releasing into the hearts and souls of His people that what they are about to step into is going to be worth EVERY SINGLE THING that they have endured and walked through. NOTHING has been in vain and no prayer or declaration has gone unseen.

You are going to know a whole new level of His grace to OVERTAKE all that is pushing hard against you to intimidate you to cause you to run and hide. This is a DECISIVE, STRATEGIC MOMENT!!! Keep standing, don’t give in or give up!!! Things that have intimidated you for so long and caused you to CRUMBLE in the revelation of His love and truth you are arising to bring UPON THOSE THINGS A DIVINE RUMBLE that will see them shattered.

HE calls you BRAVE!!!! His LOVE is making you BRAVE and breaking off fear!! You will EYEBALL the enemy in his attempts to intimidate you, and as you keep standing in Him and the revelation His love, the only one running scared will be the enemy.

The enemy is about to be very sorry he messed with you!!! ARISE BRAVE ONE!!

– Lana Vawser

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