Healing and deliverance entering the church!

Recently I had a dream where I heard the Lord saying over and over “The greatest move of healing and deliverance is now entering the church!!!”.

As I was waking from this dream the sense surrounded me of the Lord saying “You ain’t seen nothing yet!!!!”. There was such an honoring, such a celebration of what has gone before, and the miracles and signs and wonders that have been seen, and there was a strong anticipation of what is about to take place is going to be on a scale like we have never seen before. There was such a strong sense in this dream of a momentum and acceleration about to go to a whole new level. Like things were about to “ramp up” significantly.

What struck me in the dream was the words “now entering the Church”. I felt the Lord’s heart for His Church, for His people. I felt His compassion at what His people have suffered. I felt His love burning so strongly for them. The atmosphere in this dream was one of intense vindication, restoration, healing and deliverance coming to His people. This dream was pregnant with these sense of a major work of the Holy Spirit among His people to bring radical healing and wholeness. It felt like a CORPORATE breakthrough! A significant increase of momentum of breakthrough, healing, deliverance and freedom.

As I sat with the Lord about this dream, I had a vision where I was lifted high above the body of Christ as a whole, and I could see the Church. I watched as the Holy Spirit moved in power, yet gentleness, strength yet the soothing balm of Gilead, the honey of His healing bringing restoration and healing to hearts and souls. As He was moving precisely yet quickly among His people, I watched FIREWORKS exploding from the lives of God’s people all across the body of Christ. Instantly I felt the Lord saying that there will be testimony after testimony after testimony after testimony in radical increase and momentum in this season of the HEALING and DELIVERANCE that is coming to hearts and souls. These testimonies will be LOUD and DECLARE His Glory and draw many to Him.

I watched as the Lord moved powerfully healing hearts and souls in such a quick corporate way, I watched as generals in the faith, leaders who have so beautifully ploughed the ground for years and generations before with wide eyed AWE saying to one another “I have never seen ANYTHING like this!!!!”. We are about to see the power of God move in hearts and souls of believers like we have NEVER seen before. Faces will be SHINING with the Glory of God in the freedom and healing He will bring! Radical transformation!

There is an explosive, sudden, restorative healing move of the Spirit that is happening right now across the body of Christ. He is going after the hearts and souls of His people to bring wholeness in significant ways. I saw encounters with Jesus literally bringing healing in an instant, I saw prayer ministry rooms being filled and exploding with accelerated sudden healings and breakthroughs. Prayer meetings erupting as the Lord moves in love and power healing souls and hearts. I watched as the Holy Spirit did deep work in hearts in meetings, conferences and church services. I watched a “holy hijack” happen in services and the Lord pouring out His love SO POWERFULLY that people were left undone. Hearts instantly healing, souls instantly healed and restored. Deliverance in a day! But it wasn’t just one person or one place, it was one person after another, one place after another. Healing and breakthrough popping like popcorn in simultaneous succession.

He is raising up His end time army. The Lord spoke to me and said He is not raising up WOUNDED WARRIORS, He is rising up WINGED WARRIORS OF WONDER! He is doing this deep quick work, as He is getting His people into position suddenly. A divine turnaround is taking place now where woundings of the present and past are being healed in suddenness and great succession to suddenly release His people into greater realms of WONDER! He is awakening the WARRIOR within, and these warriors have WINGS because they know what it is to SOAR ABOVE the storm and see as He sees, to fly high and live in DEEP WONDER and AWE of who He is.

The greatest move of deliverance and healing is now entering the Church to bring a wholeness to hearts and souls. A freedom the Church has not known before, but the freedom that has always been theirs. Torments, chains, woundings of the present and past being healed. He is coming after your heart and soul to set you free. Invite Him in! Just say YES!

He is positioning His army! I felt the urgency in the Spirit from the heart of God to have His people WHOLE and in place! He will show you what to do to partner with Him! He is doing a deep working WITHIN so His people can GO OUT with a greater SHOUT!

I watched the Church move into a level of FREEDOM, JOY, HEALING, WHOLENESS, AWAKENING, BREAKTHROUGH and MATURITY that is unlike anything we have ever seen. This great and mighty move of God will make the world turn its head at the sudden rising of the manifested sons and daughters of God. Moving in greater integrity, wholeness, humility and maturity. The light of God and his Glory exploding from this move of His Spirit IN the Church was seeing nations pay attention and the Kings and Queens of the earth being drawn to the brightness of their rising. YOU ARE RISING! The CHURCH IS RISING!

He is healing you! He is delivering you! He is maturing you! He is strengthening you because it’s your time to ARISE and SHINE!!!!!

“Whom the Son sets free is free indeed” – John 8:36

-Lana Vawser

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