From finishing touches to miracles!

I had an encounter recently where the Lord showed me a whole lot of rooms where “FINISHING TOUCHES” were being put on CREATIVE MIRACLES.

As I saw these rooms there were clocks on the back wall of these rooms and the clock had almost struck MIDNIGHT!!!

The atmosphere surrounded me of heaviness and despair in the “WAITING”. That many have been crying out for restorative, creative miracles and instead of things getting BETTER and the signs of HOPE and BREAKTHROUGH starting to show, things were actually looking like they were getting darker and breakthrough further away.

But as I looked into these rooms I saw the Lord working with angelic hosts and they were putting the “FINISHING TOUCHES” on these creative miracles to see them released onto earth and into the lives of believers.

These miracles that were coming to the people of God were CREATIVE MIRACLES. They weren’t ‘touch up’s’ or ‘repairs’, they were COMPLETELY NEW REPLACEMENTS from situations and closed doors to miraculous replacements of brand new organs and divine health.

The sense surrounded me that where many have been waiting in the darkness for so long, waiting for the light of day, the breakthrough… where many have been crying out for ‘restoration’, not only is He going to restore, He is going to REPLACE in the area you have been crying out for with something BETTER THAN BEFORE. COMPLETELY NEW!!!


I watched as the “time arrived” for these creative miracles to manifest in the lives of believers and I watched as angelic hosts worked with the Spirit of God to bring these miracles into being in the natural. As the breakthrough of these CREATIVE MIRACLES and the AWE and WONDER of a GOOD FATHER that they were testifying to as they exploded in the lives of believers leaving them undone by His kindness and His heart of Ephesians 3:20, I saw YEARS OF DISAPPOINTMENT BROKEN and HEALED in AN INSTANT!!!

The very areas of SO MANY YEARS of disappointment that had ushered in the lie in the heart of many believers of “this just must be my lot in life…” THOSE VERY AREAS, those areas of such despair, heartache and disappointment, where the TARGET of their next greatest DIVINE APPOINTMENT!!!

The VERY AREA where their has been such death, destruction, such loss, such decay, such pain, such disappointment, such despair was the VERY AREA that JOHN 10:10 was about to MANIFEST in GREATER FULLNESS!!!


I saw many “sitting down in defeat” in weariness and despair from so many years of believing and contending to only be knocked down again by lack of breakthrough. The very place of almost giving up, I heard the Lord say “IT’S MIDNIGHT!!! THE NEW DAY IS DAWNING!!!” TOTAL DIVINE TURNAROUND displaying Zechariah 4:6 LOUDLY “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord!!!”.. A RADICAL NEW DIVINE DISPLAY USHERING IN A DESTINY DAY!!!


I saw many of these areas of “decay” in the lives of believers where there has been lack of breakthrough and there seems to be a continual breaking down. So much prayer, so much contending, yet the wait continues… the enemy has come after those places with intensity and he has come ferociously because that VERY AREA is LINKED TO YOUR DESTINY!!!

You are about to return to your FORTRESS you prisoners of hope! He is about to restore to you DOUBLE! (Zechariah 9:12)

I saw the LION OF JUDAH coming FEROCIOUSLY into these areas of the lives of God’s people and ROARING His authority over it all and THE DECAY FLED!!! The ENEMY FLED and in it’s place opened a DOUBLE DOOR OF DESTINY!!! Some of these decay areas of your life where curses have been, are about to become some of your greatest DIVINE DISPLAY areas. The Lord is going to move powerfully THROUGH YOU in the very area the enemy tried to stop you and kill you, to SET MANY OTHERS FREE!!!

Where the decay has continued to spread… His ROAR is bringing about the DIVINE TURN.. to OPEN UP YOUR DOUBLE DOOR OF DESTINY!! You just watch and see how, what the enemy meant for your harm, the Lord is about to now SUDDENLY turn for your good!!! (Genesis 50:20)

Hold onto your hat!!! You’re in for the most glorious creative miracle and double door of destiny in your life that you have EVER seen.

– Lana Vawser

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