Double portions of acceleration!!

I had an encounter with the Lord where He showed me another level of ACCELERATION being released into the body of Christ beginning in June. I saw the acceleration in the spirit increasing so dramatically in June and for the rest of the year, there is going to be significant shift, change and breakthrough in double portions to what we have already seen.

As I saw this, I then see Jesus sitting in a beautiful, small, quaint room, He was sitting at a wooden table and He was waiting for His people to come and sit with Him. I knew that this place represented the secret place. When I looked on the table before Him I saw a PLANNER and on the PLANNER I saw the months from JUNE – DECEMBER.

I then hear Him say “There must be PREPARATION for the NEW LEVEL of ACCELERATION. These next few weeks leading up to June are weeks to RE-ASSESS and ESTABLISH boundaries and structures to be able to move in this acceleration with great strength in Me, depth and longevity. My heart for My people in this new level of acceleration is to have healthy boundaries, habits and lifestyles in place in order to thrive in the breakthroughs, acceleration and increase and not be overcome and overwhelmed.”

I watch as people hear the invitation from the Lord to RE-ASSESS and ESTABLISH boundaries, healthy habits and lifestyles with Him and they enter this room. I see Jesus going over with them what is already in place, tweaking, reshaping and adding to. I see many titles on the planner but the ones that stood out to me were:

REVELATION DAYS (days/time spent with Him to seek His heart where revelation would come in DOWNPOURS)


SOUL CARING TIME (taking time out to look after the soul, rest, hobbies)

HEART SURGERY HEALING TIME (times to deal with the Lord and with others – prayer ministry etc, what dross is coming to the surface)

HEALTHY HABITS (healthy eating, exercise)

As I watched these different areas being established and planned I saw them all joining together creating a beautiful harmony and balance in the spirit where there was a powerful flow of the Holy Spirit through their lives. I saw strength over their lives from strength in intimacy with Him, to strength of body, to strength of soul, to strength of heart, strength of mind etc. The Lord was highlighting the need for balance and priorities and putting into practise the wisdom of God will see these winds of acceleration stewarded with purity and integrity and great ease.

Each planner looked different for each person, but it was re-assessing the foundations and priorities before Him to make sure that this increase of acceleration being released, that His people were prepared for it in the natural. As I watched these planners, I saw what looked like confetti coming out of the planners flying everywhere and the word “CELEBRATION” surrounded me. There will be SO MUCH celebration in this acceleration but the Lord wants His people to be moving in PREPARATION now for this acceleration.

I heard Him say “SO much is going to happen SO FAST it is going to be glorious, and SO much breakthrough and there will be great REST that is found in it all as My people rely on ME and My leading, My wisdom and where I am going. They are living for Me as their audience of One and not to please man. SO many opportunities, favour and increase will be released in these winds of acceleration that are about to pick up speed, that My people must prepare now. There is grace upon grace upon grace upon grace in this acceleration but My people must be wise with how they steward their lives, their time, their bodies as the increase happens.”

These winds of acceleration are going to bring significant change and significant shifts, and greater responsibility. Tent pegs will be extended significantly from June onwards.

This new level of acceleration will not be a stressful if the wisdom of the Lord that He is releasing is implemented. As there is deep dependence on Him and living in His wisdom birthed in the secret place, He is establishing strength and right priorities for longevity. He is preparing His people in maturity to move forward with greater strength in Him and lives full of healthy balance.

– Lana Vawser

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