Do not give up…

In dreams and visions “dry bones” means you have no hope anymore. It means you have given up. God says no. Do not give up. I did not leave you. I am holding you in My arms:


I had a vision this morning during worship where I was in a dark valley and I could hear many of God’s people crying out. Many were wailing and there was so much despair and discouragement filling their hearts. I watched as many were so weary and they were looking down on something and weeping. Their tears were falling upon that which they were looking at.

I looked down and I saw they were weeping over dry bones. There were so many dry bones all around  and the sense that surrounded me was that these ones were warriors who had been speaking to the dry bones for such a long time and there had been no shift, no life, no manifestation yet. These Warriors were wounded and weary!!!

The atmosphere around me was full of such grief and sadness, a questioning of whether the dry bones were ever going to live. These warriors were coming to the point of giving up on the dry bones and resolving that their miracle would never manifest.

I could feel the cry of their hearts that they felt so alone. So alone in their weariness and their battle. The battle they had been facing, the dark night that they had been walking and enduring but continued to remain faithful and steadfast in their service for the Lord. I could feel their pain of feeling like their dry bones had been forgotten by the Lord.

I then see the brightest light, so much glory in the valley. It’s Him! Beautiful Jesus! With such love, such compassion and authority radiating from Him, He spoke “You are not alone! Reinforcements are on the way!! I am with you, I have never left you, I have not forgotten you! All of your tears I have held and for each tear you have cried, I am releasing My life into you! I have cried with you, I have held you, comforted you and brought you deeper into My heart. Much injustice has come against you, but NO MORE!!! Now is the time for My divine ROAR that will lift you up and cause you to SOAR!!!”

Instantly, I see Jesus and He turns into the Lion of Judah and He begins to roar. As He is roaring, I can hear the word so loudly in His roar “LIFE! LIFE! LIFE! LIFE!”

As He is roaring I see two things happening. I see thousands upon thousands of the biggest warrior angels coming out of heaven, reinforcements all around. These warrior Angels are flying towards the lives of God’s people and the dry bones and they are holding stakes in their hands.

They fly right into the middle of the dry bones and strike the ground with the stake. As the Lord is roaring, I hear the angels declaring in one accord breakthrough, the justice of the Lord, the victory of God, a claim of ownership – a message to the enemy and circumstances that the battle belongs to the Lord and the EVICTION NOTICE has been issued to anything standing against the breakthrough miracle of life into the dry bones.

The second thing I saw as He roared and declared life was pulse upon pulse upon pulse of His love and power flowing from His heart directly into the hearts of His warriors and they were being healed from the inside out.

Hearts and souls were being healed and then bodies were coming into alignment and physical ailments were falling to the ground.

I watched the Spirit of God lift the people of God high up off the ground and the were shining with His Glory. The sense surrounded me that the weariness, torment and affects of the battle were being healed and complete transformation was taking place.

The Spirit of God gently placed them back on the ground and these warriors were stronger, taller, more awake and full of life than ever.

I then see these warriors and the Lion of Judah standing together and they both turn their gaze to the dry bones. While He is roaring, a roar comes up out of these warriors and as they roared together in unison with the roar from His heart, the dry bones began to rattle, they began to shake, I watched as life was coming back to the bones.

What I saw next took me by surprise! As more and more life came into these bones I saw them start to turn into tree trunks and HUGE trees were growing up out of the ground. These trees were so huge, and they were FULL of fruit!!!! The aroma of the fruit, the aroma of life coming from the trees was drawing people from near and far and bringing life into the valley. The life that was flowing from these trees was spreading and bringing life to all around. Resurrection power was being released.

The Lord then spoke to me that the very areas these warriors were weeping over, the very dry bones they had been mourning and grieving over for so long, were turning and had now turned to these beautiful huge fruit trees.

Huge testimonies that others would come and feast from!

Others would come and feast on His goodness and love in these testimonies and miracles and bring breakthrough to them.

These trees representing the areas of the dry bones turned to miraculous testimonies that were full of breakthrough anointing and resurrection power to bring life to all around.

The dry bones you may have come to the point of weeping and mourning over are to be roared over!

Reinforcements are on the way!

You are not alone!

Not only will their be incredible turnarounds, miracles and breakthrough, but you shall see His life, His resurrection power and glory flow through your life further and wider than you could imagine and many come from near and far to taste and see that the Lord is good!

Don’t give up! It’s time!

– Lana Vawser

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