Do not be discouraged!!


What looks like a “step back” in many different forms, do not be discouraged, keep close to Jesus and be listening to His voice and following His promoting in the “step back”, because you are actually going to see a great move of His Spirit in power to release you into a “step up”.

Major increase, significant season shift and bubbling breakthrough is rising and about to burst forth.

NO MATTER WHAT is coming against you, no matter what the Lord is asking you to do, even if it looks like a step back in the natural… TRUST HIM for He is moving and working things around in the various STEP BACKS and plunging you into the GREATEST divine SET UP’s of your life.

The land you are entering is not one of continued MOURNING but one of EXPLOSIVE JOY! Your greatest, most pressing cry for breakthrough and hearts desire and impossibility you are lifting to the Lord is the first breakthrough of MANY that will erupt in this new morning and land of Promise you are entering into!

– Lana Vawser

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