Come Deeper Into The Garden!


Pay attention to your dreams and ask God for wisdom and interpretation. There is a specifically an increase of “warning dreams” right now. Don’t fear! The Lord is uncovering the strategy of the enemy, so through your prayers and the power of the blood of Jesus, can disarm the assignments and attacks of the enemy. You are taking ground!

He’s calling you deeper into the garden! Refreshing, rejuvenation, and restoration are blossoming all around!!! The garden with Him, is preparing you for the CHANGE UPON YOU! Don’t forsake the garden! We are learning to walk with Him in the “cool of the day” like never before. In the garden with Him, He is whispering to you the joy and truth of what’s to come! The rivers of His Spirit flow all around, in and over you awakening you to how loved you are! The garden place with Him is leading you into a new world of discovery of His goodness and the beautiful place where He longs to share His heart with you.

He’s looking for those who will linger in the garden with Him. The garden place is preparing, establishing, awakening and maturing you for greater realms of destiny, breakthrough and influence. The foxes that have come in to steal the fruit and spoil the garden are being removed, and the wind of opposition you faced, in the garden, the Lord is turning to winds of change to strengthen and catapult you. Great changes are upon you, and the invitation to come deeper into the garden than you have ever been and longer with Him, is before you! He’s wooing you!

– Lana Vawser

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