Calling into existence!!


Over the past few days the Lord has been highlighting “prophetic acts” to me. Prophetic acts that he will either have His people perform or circumstances that happen around them that He will use as metaphors filled with divine messages of what He’s saying and doing.

The Lord is going to be asking many of His people to ‘do things’ as prophetic acts of faith, investment into what He’s saying, and as a declaration of trust in what He has said is going to come to pass.

In these “prophetic acts”, a BREAKER is going to be released for your breakthrough that is not only going to smash through the opposition standing before you and around you, but release resurrection life into your heart/soul and circumstances.

Don’t doubt the power of the prophetic acts that he is asking you to do. Step out in faith and obedience to what He’s asking you to do and watch and see the FLOOD OF BREAKTHROUGH that is going to flow through a prophetic act.


There is a divine RESET that will be activated through these prophetic acts that will see a restoration and restart of things that look impossible and look ‘shut down’, He is rebooting things with His resurrection life to BRING LIFE.. and the RESET is SET to INCREASE. You will have MORE than before. Rest in Him, a divine RESET will take place and this RESET will see a smooth, unhindered flow into sudden breakthrough.

– Lana Vawser

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