A Revival Of Courage!!


This week I was sitting with the Lord and the Lord spoke to me. “I am decreeing TRIUMPH over the United States of America.” I watched as angels of triumph that had been positioned all across the United States began to stomp upon the nation with their feet. As they stomped their feet and the intercession of the people of God were rising up to heaven, I saw a great and mighty shaking that was happening and increasing in the nation.

Yet as these angelic hosts stomped their feet on the land, I saw cracks in the ground beginning to appear, and all the hidden things were being brought to the surface and exposed. What I noticed about these cracks is they spread far and wide all across the United States, but what struck me was the DEPTH of the cracks. As far as they were spreading wide, they were going deep. The shaking was going deeper and deeper and deeper and I heard the words “I am going to the foundations. I am going to the roots. I am uprooting and exposing the weeds and the snares in the foundations. I am uprooting and exposing the weeds in the roots and foundations.”

I watched this shaking taking place and it was like an earthquake. Many of God’s people were feeling unsettled, some were feeling fearful and discouraged, and I heard the Lord say “Do not mistake the shaking! Do not mistake the shaking! Do not mistake the shaking! The shaking is leading to another level of the chains breaking. The shaking is leading to another level of the chains breaking. I am decreeing TRIUMPH over the nation of the United States.”


I heard the Lord say “It’s a MAJOR SPRING CLEAN for the SPRING FORWARD!”  I saw the Lord doing so much in the foundations, He was cleansing, purifying, pruning and purging even in unseen areas. Like in the natural, as we do a “spring clean” once a year and it’s usually a “big clean up and clean out”, the Lord is going a big “clean up and clean out” and I heard Him say “The shaking and the mess will continue but look with eyes of the Spirit and see that the infection is coming out. The infection is coming to the surface, I am cleaning it out, and I am restoring and going to restore truth. The darkest and most hidden areas where evil and deception has festered and spread poison throughout the nation, I am moving, I am exposing and I am going to bring loud demonstrations of TRUTH. Truth WILL prevail, TRIUMPH will PREVAIL. I am removing the VEIL that has kept things hidden, but My people you MUST continue to pray as I continue to establish and ignite truth in this NEW DAY.”


I heard the Lord say “Keep praying! I am breaking the spirit of false accusation over the nation.” I saw this spirit of false accusation that has been operating in the nation for generations, through the intercession of the people of God, this spirit was now losing its hold. The enemy was raging mad as he began to lose more and more ground and the spirit of deception was being uncovered. As the spirit of false accusation was losing it’s hold over the nation, I saw it began to “thrash around” in last attempts to maintain and hold its ground and the clashing of kingdoms was taking place, but as God’s people continued to pray, I saw pillars of truth being established all across the nation and the fire of God sweeping through the nation like a wildfire. As I swept all across the nation I heard the Lord saying “Where the nation of the United States has lived held and influenced by a spirit of accusation, I now decree the United States the nation of PURITY!” I was surrounded by the sense of the Lord’s heart and destiny for the United States, to be a nation that CARRIES and STANDS for PURITY. A nation of truth, a nation that stands in and for His truth. I heard the Lord saying “I am bringing TRUTH BACK TO THE ROOTS” and again I saw “hidden things” in the foundation and roots of the nation that the Lord was targeting with His truth and bringing transformation, change and shift.


I heard the Lord say “There is a revival of courage being released in the United States”. I saw an impartation of courage that is in the United States and also resting upon President Donald Trump, that the Lord is beginning to increase and release into the nation. This revival of courage by the hand of the Lord was calling out the warrior in God’s people. Where intimidation, confusion, doubt and a spirit of fear had really come against God’s people because of what they have been seeing in the natural, the fire of God was increasing in momentum and acceleration awakening COURAGE in them. It wasn’t a courage based in human effort, opinion or strength, but a courage that came from the revelation of who Jesus is, and His Word. 

The Lord spoke to me that in this shaking taking place, that the Spirit of God is raising up and birthing a fearlessness in His people that is coming in the awakening of the overcomer spirit within them and being released into the nation. The Lord is awakening believers to their true reality that they live in TRIUMPH IN HIM, and that TRIUMPH is being decreed and will manifest in the nation as His people continue to pray. 


I saw the dreamers arising in the United States, those gifted with amazing entrepreneurial skills, ideas, inventions, and the arts.

The Lord was removing “lids”, “ceilings” and “containments” in the United States and there was a whole new level of creative strategy, wisdom, witty inventions and strategists rising up carrying the dreams of God. They were moving forward with strategic “heavenly plans of actions” and were “lids, ceilings and containments” had held their dreams down before, kept the dreams they were carrying contained, the Lord was now breaking those things, and raising them up to greater places of influence in the nation to establish the vision and manifestation of the dreams they were carrying in greater extension and increase.

I saw many dreamers rising up in the nation, rising up into greater freedom, increase, favour and influence. These dreamers are pioneers that have already established the dreams that they carry, others are just beginning. Whatever their position on the journey, there was greater increase coming to them. Many of them were going to bring many BREAKTHROUGHS into the nations that were going to bring NATION WIDE SHIFTS in the nations. I saw many of these dreamers and pioneers have not met Jesus yet, but their appointed time to meet beautiful Jesus was upon them. I saw MAJOR Damascus Road conversions for these dreamers and pioneers. There will be a major increase in this season of the dreamers and pioneers, especially in areas of influence coming to know Jesus, which is going to release a rapid wind of acceleration of the Spirit into the United States to see the Kingdom of God extended and the Glory of God revealed. 

People of God in the United States of America, the nation is being SHAKEN, but more and more ground is being taken. Don’t leave your post. Stand strong, keep praying, it has started to RAIN!!!!! 

I heard the Lord say “The cloud the size of a man’s hand has risen up out of the sea!!!!!!!!! Now the RAIN is about to get a whole lot heavier to bring refreshment and greater healing to My people and the nation. Do NOT put up UMBRELLAS OF OFFENSE as I move in unexpected ways, but stay close to Me, crying out for eyes to see and ears to hear, asking Me for wisdom and eye salve, that you would DISCERN and SEE the truth of the NEW THING that I am doing and springing forth.”

– Lana vawser

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