A Divine reboot!!!


Recently I heard the Lord say “You are about to move into a divine restart with a new heart”. I saw the Lord hitting a “RESTART” button and it was like a computer and was REBOOTING everything.

Where there has been incredible assault against believers and the “way forward” has been hindered, where hearts have really “copped a beating” from the onslaught, the Lord is about to do a SOVEREIGN RESTART!!!

Where many are crying out “what do I pray?”, “I don’t know what else to do?”, “My heart can’t take anymore”, “How much longer?”, “what are you doing Lord?”, “Where are you?” and confusion is swirling significantly I felt the Lord wanted to encourage you, He is about to release a SOVEREIGN RESTART.

Not only is He about to bring about this RESTART with RESURRECTION POWER, everything will flow in greater acceleration, power, increase and ease. The “viruses” that have tried to kill you and kill what the Lord is doing through you are being removed. He is about to really come through for you.

Not only are you about to move into that divine restart that will see greater acceleration, power, increase and ease come into your life, you are moving into with a new heart.

I saw the Lord looking at the heart of many believers that feel like they have lost or are losing their hope and trust. Their hearts are being filled with weariness, despair and pain as they continue to see things in the natural “get worse” and yet the Lord keeps speaking “hold on”. As He looked at the hearts of these believers I saw Him weeping with them as they wept. His comfort was strong, His love was healing, His eyes PIERCING WITH VISION.

I saw Him looking at them and present with them in their pain, but His eyes PIERCING with the VISION of what is ahead and what He’s about to do. He sees beyond the pain and what is being set before them. The joy that is coming!


As He embraced them, I saw Him place His hand on their hearts. He was releasing resurrection life into hearts, and as this resurrection life flowed into their hearts, not only did it heal such death and brokenness within, it was like there was an UPGRADE of heart to a completely new one. Once the resurrection life had infused into these hearts, the hearts looked completely new. Inside these hearts were such large jewels and I asked the Lord what they were and He said “These are the jewels that have been found and received in the battle and dark night. The scars I am turning into jewels. ”

This newness of heart was seeing the scars turning into jewels. The revelation of the JEWELS of REVELATION found in the DARK were becoming more and more the focus, rather than the scars that were received in battle. These ones had been tested and tried in the battle, they had been purified in the fire and the onslaught, but rather than focus upon the “scars” received, the focus was shifting to the glorious JEWELS of REVELATION of JESUS and His Word that were gleaned in the battle and darkness.

Dear hearts, if you are one of these ones who have been in such an onslaught and battle, it feels like the battle of your life, and at times you have felt like you won’t make it through, like you’re dying, like you have given up hope and you just cannot believe anymore, I want to encourage you, just wait for Him. You are about to receive a deep healing, a completely new heart, an upgrade of sensitivity to Him. An increase passion. A heart that is new and full of life again. You are going to hunger for Him like you never have. You are going to encounter Him like you never have. You are going to sense His leading like you never have and you are going to dream again like you never have. The jewels of revelation will be released through you and many will be set free, healed and delivered.

You WILL make it through this and stand up stronger than ever in your DIVINE RESTART WITH A NEW HEART!

– Lana Vawser

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